Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I headed to Az for the weekend to visit my dad,stepmom, and my puppy! It was great to spend time with them I am so happy that they have moved closer!! The pool and sunshine did not hurt either ;-) I got to spend Friday and most of Saturday with Barbie having girl time and then Sunday was me and Zander's day to be lazy by the pool he was a littlle unsure of it at first but once I got him in he was happy to chill on the steps.

 I was lucky enough to spend Monday with my dad we visited some of his childhood haunts and ate at his favorite pizza place :-)

**I promise I dont have one fat leg and one skinny leg...**
Matt golfed and worked but still managed to find time to be a goof and tease me mercilessly for "abandoning" him...oh boys sooo dramatic haha. My family went to Disneyland for the weekend...Luke is a dork... for those of you who know him do I really need to say more?

Annalyn and her cute family were off to Puerto Rico...until the tornadoes got the flights cancelled and they decided to drive to Florida instead. Apparently memorial weekend is an annual gay pride gathering shin-dig in Pensacola, Fl and my 4 yr old niece is a very inquisitive person. After a few very LOUDly phrased questions Annalyn decided that a few hrs in Fl was enough and the Burch family packed up and headed home lol.

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  1. Hey I'm glad you had a fun weekend! I wish I had seen some sun :)